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JUICE: Regulatory & Well Failure

4 Feb 2016

For 25 consecutive years, SoCal Gas won the Division of Oil, Gas, & Geothermal Resources’ annual “Outstanding Field Lease & Facility Maintenance Award” for its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field. (more…)

JUICE: Efficiency Gold

28 Jan 2016

In days of yore, many of the Olympic champions were from the former Soviet Union. (more…)

GUEST JUICE: Community Choice Reaches for 100% Renewables

21 Jan 2016

By Tom Kelly.   Local governments in California under their community choice energy programs are providing important contributions to greenhouse gas reductions to help meet the Golden State’s climate protection goals. These contributions can also help the nation meet its reduction goals offered at the Paris climate talks where national governments have agreed to do […]

CLIMATE: CA May Drive Paris Deal Emissions Verifications

14 Jan 2016

Although it did not have a seat at the negotiating table, California got a lot of attention during the Paris climate change meeting last month where 195 nations and the European Union agreed to work to keep the increase in earth’s temperature to below 1.5 Centigrade. (more…)

JUICE: Canary in the Gas Mine

7 Jan 2016

The massive natural gas leak at the SoCal Gas Aliso Canyon storage field—like Pacific Gas & Electric’s 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno—is likely a harbinger of things to come: more neglected, rotting infrastructure that’s badly in need of replacement. (more…)

Mixing and Matching Vehicles and the Grid

17 Dec 2015

Tapping into the benefits of integrating electric vehicles into an evolving grid raises a host of technological challenges. Known and emerging challenges are the subject of ongoing research aimed at making the governor’s target of a million zero emission vehicles in California by 2020 a reality. (more…)

JUICE: TransMission Possible

10 Dec 2015

The Golden State has the highest renewable energy mandate and strictest climate protection law in the West. The fate of these and other ground-breaking low carbon statutes and rules, however, is an open question with the California Independent System Operator potentially morphing into a western-wide organization. (more…)

Hydrogen Energy Project May Be Back on Track

3 Dec 2015

Hydrogen Energy California asked the California Energy Commission Nov. 30 to resume the licensing process for its planned coal-fueled power plant in Kern County that would capture and sequester its carbon dioxide emissions underground. (more…)

Guest Juice: Continuing California’s Biomass Success Story

20 Nov 2015

By Steve Gross Over the last few years, it has become increasingly en vogue to go green. Californians are snatching up electric vehicles and our political leaders are demanding that more and more of the state’s energy come from renewable sources. (more…)

Energy Firms Bet on Rendon

6 Nov 2015

Energy companies big and small, traditional and renewable, and ones in and outside California, are all investing in the re-election campaign of Assemblymember Anthony Rendon, former chair of the Assembly Utilities & Commerce Committee. (more…)

Juice: Here Comes the Sun

29 Oct 2015

Come December, the California Public Utilities Commission faces a stark decision. (more…)

Electric Vehicle Use Rising, CARB Says

23 Oct 2015

The California Air Resources Board says petroleum use by mobile sources of emissions like passenger and commercial vehicles is expected to drop by 50 percent in the next 15 years as the use of electric vehicles rises at the same time. (more…)

Brown Rejects CPUC Reform Legislation

15 Oct 2015

A slew of bills passed by lawmakers aimed at reforming the California Public Utilities Commission following revelations of inside dealing favoring utility interests were all vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown Oct. 9. (more…)

GUEST JUICE: Capitalizing Energy Efficiency

8 Oct 2015

By Cynthia Mitchell Matt Golden’s Sept. 25, 2015, Guest Juice “New Laws a Needed Energy Efficiency Paradigm Shift” is certainly a cause for celebration. Golden claims SB 350 and AB 802 essentially double California’s energy efficiency goals. If California could double actual new efficiency savings, this would be an amazing advance from the state’s decade-plus […]

Climate Roundup: State Begins Planning How to Cut Greenhouse Gases 40%

2 Oct 2015

The California Air Resources Board at an Oct. 1 meeting kicked off work to update the state’s AB 32 scoping plan—the state’s master greenhouse reduction blueprint. The update is aimed at meeting the state’s goal of cutting carbon emissions 40 percent by 2030, with an eye toward an 80 percent reduction by 2050. (more…)

GUEST JUICE: New Laws a Needed Energy Efficiency Paradigm Shift

24 Sep 2015

By Matt Golden Last week, the California Legislature passed SB 350, the Clean Energy & Pollution Reduction Act of 2015, a bill that set the state on a path to achieve Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious clean energy goals by 2030. (more…)

NRC: Yucca Mountain Contamination Threat Minor

17 Sep 2015

Any potential impacts that a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, would have on local groundwater would be “small,” claims a supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed site discussed this week. (more…)

Standards to Cut Building Energy Waste Okayed

11 Sep 2015

Goals and objectives that are meant to increase the energy efficiency in existing buildings throughout the state were approved by the California Energy Commission on Sept. 9. (more…)

JUICE: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

3 Sep 2015

The silver lining of the ongoing drought is how it’s focused politicians, regulators and many others of us in California on the importance of water conservation. (more…)

Obama Revives PACE Financing

27 Aug 2015

  City and county financing to cover the upfront cost of residential energy efficiency retrofits and solar rooftops in exchange for long-term property tax assessments is officially back in business. (more…)