California Ranks First in Advanced Energy Employment

5 Dec 2014

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) released the first California Advanced Energy Employment Survey, showing more than 430,000 people at over 4,000 firms work in the advanced energy economy today.

Also, recently the UC Berkeley Don Vial Center on the Green Economy focused on the solar industry, showing that California’s strong state policies combined with federal incentives have positioned the state as the national leader in creating new, well-paid construction and permanent jobs. More than 15,000 new jobs have been created over the last five years by California’s solar-farm construction boom, with workers building solar arrays earning on average $78,000 a year plus health and other benefits, says the report.

The AEE survey found that the advanced energy industry in California is employing 431,834 workers at 43,673 business establishments in 2014. This is more than California’s employment in the motion picture, television, and radio industries (266,358 jobs); mining and quarrying (28,966); semiconductors (50,864); and aerospace (170,695). Advanced energy employment represents approximately 2.4% of California’s workforce overall.

The survey found that employment is overwhelmingly in small businesses, with two–thirds of advanced energy businesses in California having fewer than 10 employees, while 87% of businesses have fewer than 50 employees.

Building efficiency is the largest segment by employment  (303,117) with advanced electricity generation second (94,873).

Solar energy dominates employment in the advanced electricity generation category at 77% (72,986), with combined heat and power second at 6% (5,388).

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