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2 Mar 2017

The California Public Utilities Commission hears about a proposed decision to hike Pacific Gas & Electric’s rates after getting a tongue lashing from residents, consumer advocates, and a key lawmaker on bill increases under previous commission decisions.

Meanwhile, the commission spends an afternoon discussing the potential energy use of the emerging recreational cannabis industry about which little turns out to be known.

Lawmakers are eyeing a 100 percent renewable power standard, but how will hydropower fit in? This week’s JUICE column examines the role of the emissions-free resource.

In an unusual move, a group of legislators weighs in with the California Energy Commission against a power plant project in the construction licensing process that’s planned in Oxnard.

Independent generator earnings are in the dumps for the most part, forcing continuing efforts to cut costs.

The state’s investor-owned utilities earned more last year and credited the CPUC for it.

PG&E changes up its settlement agreement for closing down the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by getting the signatories to agree that most of the needed replacement power should be handled through its integrated resource planning process.

In Washington, an outpouring of Congressional lawmakers educate President Donald Trump about the need for the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency to have a quorum so it can function. This week’s Undercurrents also highlights the growing membership of the grid operator’s energy imbalance market and a new power plant in Pasadena.

—The Editors

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