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24 Mar 2017

California’s last nuke is set to close in the middle of the next decade, but around the same time a muni up in Truckee may be importing nuclear power.  The little Tahoe Donner Public Utility District is to soon ask its customers if they want nuclear power from a new project in Idaho consisting of small modular reactors that are passively cooled. It could begin operating around 2025 to replace fossil fueled power.

Fully embracing a nuclear renaissance are federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. A U.S. Senate committee passed the Nuclear Energy Innovation & Modernization Act the same day the Nuclear Regulatory Commission advanced an effort to provide an expedited process to license new reactor designs.

Meanwhile, anti-nuke California is going hog wild over natural gas fired plants. JUICE gives the thumbs down to the bipolar strategy of both pricey ratepayer investments in the last century’s technology while investing heavily in efficiency and other clean energy resources.

Can’t find the amount of available resources anymore at the grid operator’s web site? You’re not blind. It is because California’s grid operator recently deleted that information from its daily supply and demand outlook.

The tug-of-war over more or less fossil fuels is the heart of legislation putting a moratorium on re-injecting Aliso Canyon natural gas field wells.  The night before SB 57 was to come before the Senate Energy Utilities & Communications Committee, it was pulled from the week’s agenda.

California’s second largest muni, like the first, is planning to raise rates to increase the ability to get more renewable power. SMUD also proposes summer time-of-use rates.

Climate change adds many billions of dollars to the cost of grid operations, a study warns, and more…

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