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30 Mar 2017

California environmental regulators are creating a big profitable opportunity for electric utilities to get into the transportation fuel business by reaffirming the state’s auto fuel efficiency standards while Washington marches in the opposite direction.

State lawmakers advanced a handful of energy bills this week, from trying to encourage more renewable energy to serve peak load to ensuring that clean energy demonstration projects funded with research money benefit polluted, low-income communities.

This week’s Guest Juice column finds that state energy efficiency programs are no longer reducing per capita electricity use.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry failed to hit the jackpot during his recent trip to Nevada aimed at paving the way for a revival of a nuclear waste disposal site at Yucca Mountain.

The Northern California Power Association looks to a solar energy project in the sunny desert community of Lancaster to help meet the state’s renewable energy goal.

After further analysis, the California Air Resources Board still hangs its hat on cap-and-trade as the best way to cut greenhouse gases.

California’s renewable natural gas is coming to SoCal Gas pipelines soon.

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power customers who have been waiting more than three years for refunds due to overbilling will have to wait a little longer, though the muni claims progress.

—The Editors

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