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2 Jun 2017

During hours-long floor sessions, lawmakers advanced several energy bills, including ones setting a 100 percent renewables requirement, cutting in half the number of electric utility shutoffs due to non-payment of bills, and creating an energy storage equivalent of the California Solar Initiative.

Around the time Prez Trump dumped the Paris Climate deal, San Francisco Bay Area air regulators announced emission caps for oil refineries, which emit considerably more pollution than the region’s power plants.

In the nation’s capitol, nuclear waste is getting considerable attention. That includes reintroducing legislation to safely store it onsite, and NRC’s reopening of the Yucca Mountain waste wound.

The California Air Resources proposes a temporary fix for counting under-counted emissions attributable to power imports that fossil fuel-fired power plants are backfilling when cleaner power is sold to California in the energy imbalance market.

JUICE compares and contrasts community choice with direct access as California moves closer to a retail energy market.  Who wins, who loses? You decide.

The Energy Commission is asking the grid operator to weigh in on whether the gas-fired Puente Power plant is necessary.

—The Editors

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