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9 Jun 2017

Legislation to expand the carbon cap-and-trade program was waylaid by an oil slick of campaign contributions to Assembly Democrats.  Thus, the life span of a key Senate cap-and-trade bill looks as promising as an oiled bird.

Also floundering in the current is Senate legislation that seeks to thwart refilling the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field until a study on the root cause of the massive months-long leak is concluded.

Power utilities aren’t swimming against California’s carbon trading program tide because of the state’s green energy laws. JUICE insists clean energy mandates are not only good for California’s second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, the power sector, but also for the largest source: transportation and petroleum refineries that fuel it.

Although the California sun is strong, the solar rooftop market has dampened because of less favorable rates and a heavy rain season. But outside the Golden State PV installations are booming, a report finds.

At the same time, repowered gas plants on the Southern California coast may get washed up. Both the Los Angeles DWP and Energy Commission are warming to the idea that clean energy can keep the grid and planet robust.

In the nation’s Capitol, the two Republican Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nominees were approved by a key U.S. Senate committee.

The U.S. EPA’s reversal on the Obama Administration’s rule to slash methane emissions from new oil and gas plants and pipes provoked a suit by environmentalists.

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