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22 Jun 2017

Cap-less in San Francisco is this week’s key feature. Bay Area air regulators rejected approving a first-in-the-nation ceiling on regional oil refineries’ greenhouse gas emissions because it would allow a big increase in climate change pollution.  The proposed cap before the board was significantly revised the day before the June 21 meeting, resulting in a vote to put off deciding how and whether to limit the largest source of stationary carbon emissions in the region.

At the toasty state capitol, several bills were passed to thwart utilities from diverting approved safety funds and cleaning up unidentified power reports and disadvantaged communities.

The California grid operator, along with the utilities, pulled out the conservation stop to protect against a partial grid meltdown from the multi-day, triple digit temperatures hitting the state.

The Independent System Operator also agreed to study whether renewables, energy efficiency and storage can negate or reduce the need for the Puente gas-fired power project slated for the Ventura County coast.

Los Angeles continues to darken its shade of green, agreeing to meet and beat the Paris Climate commitment.

This week’s guest opinion piece looks near and far at the quickly transforming grid.  It comes with multiple challenges and no common solution, writes Fereidoon Sioshansi.

Renewable gas and a higher green power portfolio standard may be politically popular. But, according to the Legislative Analyst, energy efficiency is far more cost-effective.

The Sacramento muni approves a 1 percent solution for an upcoming rate increase to be accompanied by time-of-use rates.

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