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14 Jul 2017

The governor’s carbon cap-and-trade renewable legislation passes through a Senate panel after a six-hour hearing in which environmental justice activists and local and regional air districts denounced the measure. The oil company-friendly bill package was introduced Monday.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade deal appears to be more about cementing his legacy than it is about improving the atmosphere, concludes this week’s Juice column. Meanwhile, Brown teams up with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a new climate initiative

Amid rising utility rates, regulators trimmed the allowable rate of return on equity for the state’s major energy utilities.

California moved a step closer to requiring utilities to deliver power that’s 100 percent renewable to their customers as two key Assembly panels endorsed SB 100 this week.

Legislators moved a number of other bills, including ones to boost baseload power from renewable sources like geothermal and biomass, and to spur installation of electric vehicle chargers.

This week’s Opinionated column looks back at the contribution of the National Renewable Energy Lab in commercializing solar energy and gazes ahead to examine how the lab’s researchers are working to develop a new generation of solar technology.

The California Public Utilities Commission is reviewing utility spending plans for installing electric vehicle chargers, but regulators are in no hurry.

A major fire and blackout at a Los Angeles Department of Water & Power facility highlight the need to update the state’s aging electric infrastructure.

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