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4 Aug 2017

How big a role electric vehicles and distributed solar roofs play in California will shape future energy demand. The California Energy Commission found that getting 1.7 million EVs on the road in a decade could drive up demand, but be offset by more solar rooftops and storage.

Bolstering that forecast are big bucks now flowing into the Golden State to support a growing EV market.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission finally has a quorum. In action late in the day on Aug. 3, the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed two Republican nominees.

Fires, floods and other climate changes threaten California but not a cent has been spent on ameliorating climate change impacts, Juice mourns.

Here and now, two fires in the state came close but avoided transmission lines.

Protestors are spending considerable energy at Kinder Morgan’s Richmond Terminal to fight the importation of polluting  Canadian tar sands.

State utilities enjoyed gains in earnings, or at least solid earnings, their second quarter financial reports show.

The move away from natural gas power plants has impacted some merchant generators’ bottom lines, forcing California-born Calpine to put itself up for sale.  At the same time, the renewables business is booming.

But, SoCal Gas’s Aliso Canyon gas storage facility went back on line after legal and political tugs of war.

California’s head consumer advocate jumped on the multi-state bandwagon to protect critically needed federal low-income energy assistance programs.

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