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31 Aug 2017

A week that began with record heat and a near record demand for power ends even hotter with a forecast of a new all-time record peak demand for electricity in California. The grid operator calls for conservation. PG&E calls for flashlights.

Decentralized solar energy coupled with storage and smart controls can lower the cost of maintaining the grid and provide a basis for an evolution to resilient microgrids, heat or no heat, according to report for Sonoma Clean Power.

This week’s Juice column finds that few are interested in paying a bit more for 100 percent renewable power offered by utilities and community choice aggregators. It shows that less choice is a good thing for the environment.

Sacramento lawmakers seek employment programs that will ride the clean energy economy train, though now their quest seems elusive.

State utilities focus not only on reducing greenhouse gas, but also increasingly on adapting to a warmer climate. The utilities are using new tools to help plan for a hotter future.

Parties settle a lawsuit over Southern California Edison storing nuclear waste along the beach in San Onofre. But, it remains unclear where else the waste can go.

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