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29 Sep 2017

A future as predictable as a Ouiji board was a central theme at the Independent Energy Producer’s annual meeting this week amid mounting uncertainty from the changing role of utilities and the scarcity of contracts for generators.

Speaking of contracts, and lack of them, utility regulators this week nixed a deal between Southern California Edison and NRG for the Elwood natural-gas-fired plant in Goleta. Regulators called on the utility to instead pursue “preferred” resources.

The California Public Utilities Commission also expanded what utilities can count as fixed costs charged to ratepayers, though not without reservations about customer impacts.

Getting nuclear waste moved to longer-term storage or permanent disposal facilities was the focus of a House committee this week, though little progress was made.

As California prepares to increase the flow of public money to support electric transportation, this week’s Juice opines that a good place to start is to create publicly operated ridesharing services to close public transit’s last mile gap with electric cars.

Power plants and natural gas utilities generally are not creating methane hot spots in California, according to the latest findings of an ongoing study of the state’s sources of methane.

An escalating solar trade war has the U.S. solar industry bracing for potential sanctions against imports.

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