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5 Oct 2017

A top legislative staffer gives an insider’s look at the fallout from the governor’s ill-fated effort to push through a bill to create an integrated western grid in the waning days of the legislative session.

Electric transportation advocates flock to a meeting this week on the California Air Resources Board’s plan to give away $1.5 billion in incentives.

Juice examines the woes of independent generators. Will mounting losses caused by disruptive energy technologies, the changing utility business model and state practices lead then to the same fate as the Dodo?

In a move that appears to be like swimming against an increasingly swift current, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry proposes special payments in wholesale power markets to coal and nuclear plants because they are “fuel secure.”

Hurricanes appear to bolster support on Capitol Hill for more energy storage on the grid.

NRG’s Puente project contract with Southern California Edison could be reconsidered by the California Public Utilities Commission..

Gov. Jerry Brown to date has signed about a dozen energy-related bills into law and vetoed two others as he continues to weigh the fruits of this legislative season.

Micogrids keep getting attention. This week, state energy agencies focused on their benefits and challenges at a joint meeting in Sacramento.

—The Editors

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