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13 Oct 2017

Utility regulators approved $30 million for energy storage facility subsidies in disadvantaged communities, mostly for institutional systems.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s former chief administrative law judge is preparing to sue the agency in court on claims of a retaliatory firing after blowing the whistle on alleged collusion by the commission staff with Pacific Gas & Electric.

A significant portion of gas and renewable generating assets in California are changing hands amid financial losses and an anemic wholesale power market.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power lost its appeal for renewable energy credit for small hydropower it purchased 10 years ago to boost the amount of green energy in its portfolio..

California appears to have already crossed the natural gas bridge to the clean energy future, this week’s Juice column finds. Cases in point: two gas power plants are shunned and all the stops to advance electrification of heavy-duty vehicles are suddenly pulled out.

Late last week, NRG lost its bid to build the gas-fired Puente power project in Oxnard after months of hand wringing by state energy agency officials.

At the California Energy Commission, officials hear a novel proposal to create a real-time natural gas market with intra-day trading to incentivize more efficient use of gas pipelines and storage fields. Meanwhile, the Energy Commission forecasts a stagnant or declining market for natural gas due to the rise of renewable energy and greater efficiency.

The governor signs a raft of bills to promote electric transportation. Expect electric vehicle charging stations soon at a school, park, or beach near you.

Hopefuls crowd a California Air Resources Board planning meeting on how to spend more than $400 million in Volkswagen penalty money on emissions-free transportation projects.

—The Editors

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