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27 Oct 2017

While the question of whether or not to regionalize the grid is center stage, the buzz in the wings is increasingly about alternative approaches to creating a more robust western trading market.

Juice critiques options for how a western grid could be won. That includes comparing and contrasting a western expansion of the Southwest Power Pool into wind rich states versus CAISO growing east.

State energy regulators decided against ditching utility demand response pilot auctions although early test runs are far from impressive. A few days earlier, a report revealed that California’s demand response showing falls far short of other states in using negawatts to meet power needs.

U.S. lawmakers get an earful on the need to install quantum technologies to safeguard grid cyber security.

A group of California power industry organizations tells the feds that Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s proposal to reward coal and nuclear power plants for being “fuel secure” is a solution in search of a problem.

Meanwhile, Perry signals a possible weakening of federal energy efficiency standards for appliances.

As regulators seek to revise the exit fee formula for community choice aggregators, an administrative law judge frets that reluctance to share data on utility power purchase agreements may torpedo the effort.

State air regulators aim to downgrade the role of natural and renewable gas in their low carbon fuel standard in favor electrifying transportation.

FERC sees few if any showstoppers for California’s energy supply this winter, with mild skies forecast across much of the nation.

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