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11 Jan 2018

A controversial decision eliminating energy efficiency funding and slashing ratepayers’ tab in the Diablo nuclear plant closure plan is approved 5-0 by state energy regulators. The 2024/25 closure date may advance, however, because of the loss of PG&E customers and higher plant maintenance costs.

Also Jan.11, the California Public Utilities Commission authorizes the three electric utilities to spend $43 million on electric transportation. Most of the money is to go to greening polluting medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Deferred this week was a gas hookup moratorium in Los Angeles County that could affect 700 new commercial and industrial projects. The CPUC postpones the vote in the face of strong local opposition.

This week’s JUICE focuses on the continued efforts by the Trump Administration to turn green federal protections brown and the clash with California’s blue clout.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announces a $102 million settlement with BP for padding California state and local government agencies’ bills for natural gas supplies.

The California grid operator moves towards informal regionalization. It is working to broaden its big day-ahead market to include the Energy Imbalance Market.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2018-19 budget proposal is short on specifics for its climate protection and energy agencies. But $1.25 billion from the carbon cap-and-trade auction is to be directed to disadvantaged communities.

Energy dominance is a key Department of Energy goal under President Trump.

Over at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Trump appointees unanimously reject Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s proposal to provide price supports to coal and nuclear power plants.

—The Editors

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