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2 Feb 2018

California energy regulators and fire safety agencies are working together to try and curb the dangers of the growing numbers of intense wildfires, with a worrisome number sparked by power lines. The California Public Utilities Commission president and other officials lament the inadequacy of resources, policies and preparation during an all day meeting.

Fire safety scientists also warn that California faces mounting fire danger because of climate change impacts. That is regardless of what energy utilities do to reduce the chances of blazes being started by power lines.

A couple of days earlier, the California Natural Resources Agency revises its climate adaptation report in response to changing weather, including hotter summer days, and a devastating wildfire season.

Community choice advocates plan to physically protest the California Public Utilities Commission’s resolution they say would halt new community choice programs from forming.

This week’s JUICE highlights the ABCs of the California Energy Commission’s plan to revise its building standards. The standards would add about 200 MW of rooftop solar units from newly constructed homes each year.

A 600 MW transmission project in the San Joaquin Valley to power water pumping from the federal Central Valley Water Project is in the pipeline.

Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric ratepayers’ bill for the San Onofre nuclear plant closure gets shaved by $775 under new settlement.

The grid operator pitches incorporating must offer obligations into its unpopular reliability must run mechanism.

Gov. Brown wants to spend $2.5 billion to increase the sales of zero emissions vehicles in California, with the goal of 5 million ZEVs on the road by 2030.

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