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9 Feb 2018

California utility regulators extend their control over community choice aggregation programs this week by mandating that they participate in the California Public Utilities Commission’s integrated resource planning and resource adequacy processes.

The CPUC holds an experimental webinar to answer written questions from financial firms as utilities complain of deteriorating financial conditions.

The benefits of energy efficiency are highlighted at a major energy research and development symposium this week in Sacramento.

California’s solar industry lost 14 percent of its jobs last year, says the latest annual industry census from the Solar Foundation.

The U.S. is projected to become a net energy exporter by 2022, according to the Energy Information Administration, as oil and gas production grow and as energy efficiency and renewable power check the need for fossil fuel at home.

California’s Legislature can play a productive role in helping to resolve numerous issues brewing in the state’s energy sector. This week’s Juice column looks at what may be some of the leading candidates for legislative action.

The Trump Administration reopens the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, saying it might be too restrictive when it comes to where wind and solar facilities can be sited.

—The Editors

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