The Buzz

15 Feb 2018

Community choice aggregators see mostly smooth sailing ahead in forming new programs and expanding existing ones after significant changes were made in a California Public Utilities Commission policy adopted last week that as originally proposed was seen as draconian.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County’s community choice energy program is now operational, with two rounds of expansion scheduled later this year.

David Olsen will chair the California Independent System Operator board in the coming year as the grid operator focuses on improving its day ahead market and expanding it to include energy imbalance market participants.

Federal regulators order organized wholesale power markets to make room for participation by a growing number of energy storage providers. They also train their sights on improving frequency response in a separate action.

Lawmakers were introducing new bills at a furious pace this week in Sacramento, including an increasing number concerning the energy industry.

This week’s Juice column contemplates what competition in retail power sales might do for consumers and finds an interesting model in the car insurance market.

The Trump Administration’s budget for the Department of Energy would cut funding for energy efficiency and nuclear power.

—The Editors

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