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22 Feb 2018

The California Public Utilities Commission unveils a plan to establish a multi-year procurement framework for resource adequacy, but leaves it open as to who will be responsible for actually entering power generating capacity contracts.

As planners gather to discuss western transmission projects, Phil Anschutz’s TranWest Express line is about ready to break ground to bring some 1,500 MW of Wyoming wind energy to California.

Suddenly the outlook for power sales in California seems more robust, with the California Energy Commission predicting rising demand driven in part by the advance of electric vehicles.

The Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee chair is back at it with another legislative proposal to propel grid regionalization forward.

In a last minute flurry of energy bills, lawmakers zero in on zero emissions buildings that eschew use of natural gas for water and space heating.

California Public Utilities Commission regulators just may have devised a useful way to better communicate with the public through webinars, says an ex administrative law judge in this week’s Opinionated column.

While the results won’t be in until next week, California achieved another milestone this week when it comes to climate change policy by holding its first joint carbon emissions rights auction with Ontario.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District gets onboard with Gov. Jerry Brown’s WaterFix proposal by okaying the environmental analysis findings for its service territory.

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