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5 Apr 2018

Clashing recipes to determine how much community choice organizations must pay the private utilities for their stranded power purchase contracts land in the California Public Utilities Commission’s kitchen.

The launch of California’s expected biggest community choice program is not fully baked. The Clean Power Alliance of Southern California’s June debut is limited to two cities and the unincorporated areas of one county.

The governor’s proposal to axe the Low Income Weatherization Program gets serious pushback from a coalition of environmental justice advocates. The budget is funded by a portion of the Air Board’s carbon market auction proceeds.

The Senate energy panel approves a handful of bills, including ones to electrify home water and space heating, and allow a trio of munis to continue operating fairly new gas-fired power plants.

Following U.S. EPA’s threats to do away with California’s car emissions standard, the Golden State must defend the waiver given its decades-long role in improving public health. This week’s JUICE also notes CA may have to fold on its goal to secure the national emissions standards because of the less-than-rapid uptake of EVs.

The California Public Utilities Commission proposes to authorize hefty utility expenditures to support electrifying transportation. But that sum is far less than the utilities spending proposal for electric truck charging.

PG&E wants to soften a rate increase for wildfire costs, incurred before the huge fire last October, by passing on its windfall from the 2017 federal tax overhaul. Ratepayers would reap a small gain this year but pay more next year.

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