The Buzz

13 Apr 2018

Consideration of a ballot measure to mandate that San Diego Gas & Electric serve only green energy to the City of San Diego if it wants a renewed franchise agreement was sent back to go.

Leading gubernatorial Republican candidates challenge the recently enacted gas tax hike and the bullet train. Democratic governor hopefuls want to further green Gov. Jerry Brown’s work.

The California Energy Commission gives the green light to “drought-proofing” a desert power plant and tightening efficiency regulations for portable electric spas and battery chargers.

Gov. Brown proposes robbing other greenhouse gas reduction programs to pay for an increase in spending on electric car infrastructure.

A hefty energy crisis settlement requiring NRG to install thousands of traditional and fast charging electric vehicle stations in California’s major metropolitan areas is nearly satisfied.

California’s climate adaptation work should do just that, adapt to a changing climate. It should not throw the lion’s share of resources at struggling against disasters, says the Senate Environmental Quality chair.

Dreams of a Green Granny flat is the focus of this week’s Clean Tech column.

Becoming a reliability coordinator for partnering balancing authorities and transmission operators, in and outside California, means the state Independent System Operator does more of the same.

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