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17 May 2018

Utility regulators get big push back on a proposal authorizing the investor-owned electric utilities to spend almost $600 million of ratepayer money on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Southern California Edison complains it has zippo financial appeal.

Federal energy regulators order Pacific Gas & Electric to settle complaints over $500 million in alleged overcharges in last year’s transmission rates.

The governor’s latest update to his proposed 2018-19 budget raises the amount of money directed to wildfire prevention.

California’s grid operator agrees to curb its staff’s ability to manually tinker with load forecasts. Traders welcome the decision, although CAISO doesn’t expect it to affect prices much.

Enviros jump on the legal band wagon opposing the Trump Administration’s plans to weaken federal mileage standards for autos to slash greenhouse gases and enhance the uptake of electric vehicles.

The automobile industry association tries to lower the setting of Trump’s flame aimed at California’s vehicle mileage standards. They note China, the world’s hottest growing auto market, uses the Golden State’s standards.

This week’s JUICE highlights how the timing is just right for increasing Pacific Northwest hydropower. It would  help fill gaps in crimped Southern California supplies and lower carbon emissions. Making the timing even better is that the chiefs of California’s energy policy and industry are on board.

Community choice agencies call the California Public Utilities Commission’s paper claiming that community energy is jeopardizing reliability fear mongering.

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