The Buzz

24 May 2018

The California Independent System Operator weighs increasing payments, primarily to battery-based storage. Multiple revenue streams are being considered for energy storage that provides transmission and other services in its markets.

Critics warn that lack of an honest dialogue with the Air Resources Board over excess carbon allowances will cause the state to miss its target for cutting emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels.

A pending bill to require the Air Resources Board to create an inventory of emissions of greenhouse gases on a consumption-based accounting basis raises eyebrows.

An Energy Commission model aims to quantify electric vehicle charging needs in the state. A growing issue is the prospect of costly ratepayer-funded installations that get little use.

This week’s JUICE insists state energy regulators avoid giant steps in the build out of  heavy-duty vehicle charging infrastructure. This expansion should be predicated on need and the overcoming of challenges.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power gets slammed for sticking with polluting natural gas power, putting paltry emphasis on energy efficiency in rental housing, and failing to systematically track supplier diversity.

California’s first community aggregator,  Marin Clean Energy, is the first of the community choice groups to receive a credit rating. Moody’s “stable” rating may lower energy bills ease access to new energy resources.

–The Editors

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