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31 May 2018

More than $1 billion in electric truck and car charging funding gets the green light.

The California Public Utilities Commission approves the investor-owned power utilities spending $738 million of ratepayer money on EV charging infrastructure, particularly for electric truck and bus chargers.

That authorization follows California air quality regulators directing $423 million to subsidize the clean up of big rig trucks and other heavy-duty diesel vehicles. The tab for replacing the polluting trucks with zero- or low-emissions vehicles is being covered largely by the penalty imposed on VW for cheating the Smog Check program.

In other news, state energy regulators on a 5-0 vote, approve spending $8 billion on private and public rolling energy efficiency business programs running to 2025.

To keep members of low-income communities from having to decide whether to spend limited funds on food, medicine or energy, the Energy Commission pitches recommendations to promote clean energy installations in multi-family dwellings.

This week’s JUICE highlights the old trick of late Friday news announcements, the latest being a disturbing investigation finding PG&E lines sparked four smaller fires that burned last October. More troubling is that in three of the cases, the utility violates fire protection vegetation clearance standards.

The Senate passes bills tapping into excess renewable energy to create hydrogen and to fill the local financial gap that’s to accompany closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in San Luis Obispo.

The grid operator kicks off a holistic backstop procurement proceeding, following federal energy regulators’ rejection of its earlier piecemeal attempt to fill in generation capacity gaps.

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