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13 Jul 2018

Editor’s Note: California Current will be taking a two-week summer break. The last stories before the break will be posted on July 20. Story posting will resume the week of Aug. 6.

State energy regulators belatedly agree to approve Southern California Edison’s 125 MW of energy efficiency, renewables and energy storage agreements to be developed next year in a constrained sub-basin. The vote marks a victory for alternate resources against traditional fossil-fueled plants. But, the price tag is a key issue.

The California Public Utilities Commission approves a new rulemaking to figure out the why the rise in gas and electric disconnections and how to reduce shutoffs. The commission also extends the de-energization decision given to San Diego Gas & Electric during wild weather to Edison and  Pacific Gas & Electric.

California beats its greenhouse gas reduction goal early in the game, the California Air Resources Board finds.

Clean energy advocates and many others hope the new nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court  is kept off the field given his list of anti-climate protection rulings.

The big new community choice board in Los Angeles rejects the CPUC’s claim that community choice aggregation is unhinging the state’s power industry.

This week’s JUICE zeros in on key bills aimed at adjusting to a brave new energy world.

Undercurrents reveals a report that finds using seawater to cool big power plants is more harmful than previously reported. It also highlights how high temperatures in So Cal cause system overload, while noting a federal agency seeks to reduce wildfire threats on public land in the Golden State.

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