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19 Jul 2018

The East Bay’s new community choice program adopts a five-year local investment plan that targets local renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric transportation.

In an increasingly rare display of bipartisanship in Washington, members of both parties in the House praise the growing role of energy storage technology during a committee hearing this week.

Current’s Juice column urges caution in approaching grid regionalization. It opines it’s best to start with studying an expanded energy imbalance market so California can preserve political control of its own power system.

One of the threats in regionalization is ceding control over how a unified Western grid would be governed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. An old case involving the California Independent System Operator’s board sheds light on the issue.

After more than two years of discussion, power providers in California are preparing to file integrated resource plans with state regulators. The blueprints are to outline how utilities, community choice programs, and others will meet the state’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals, as well as keep the lights on.

California’s investor-owned utilities show signs that the second quarter will be profitable, except for Pacific Gas & Electric.  It is to post a hefty lost. The earnings reports are due out in a week or two ahead.

FERC moves to require pipeline operators to pass tax savings along to their customers under the recent federal tax cut, though the federal commission admits it has limited authority to enforce the requirement.

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