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23 Aug 2018

As the Legislature comes down to the wire, some energy measures appear close to passing, including one that will move to greenhouse gas-free power and another to bolster energy storage.

Southern California Edison gets the okay to build a $170 million sub-transmission line to serve parts of Riverside County.

Legislation replacing mitigation funding for the community that houses the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant after it closes awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. SB 1090 also restores full funding for employees who will be out of their jobs in seven years, although many are heading to retirement.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency follows up on its threat to jettison Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which seeks to slash dirty power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions.

FERC’s chief raises Democratic lawmakers’ hackles because of his top staffer’s statements that federal energy regulators are working to subsidize nuclear and coal power.

California can learn important lessons about financing recovery from massive wildfires by taking a hard look at the pros and cons of the national flood insurance program.

Money to pay for hardening the power system and structures against hotter, bigger and longer wildfires in California, as well as to pay for fuel reduction, is a problem that state residents and policymakers must confront, opines this week’s Juice column.

Proposed limits on how much and for how long community energy and direct access customers are to pay for a share of private utility energy contracts gets tossed under an alternate proposal.

—The Editors

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