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14 Sep 2018

Gov. Jerry Brown’s big climate change conference is marked by protests over continued use of fossil fuel. Meanwhile, the state chief celebrates California’s carbon cap-and-trade program as a key element of his legacy on climate change.

One-hundred percent is California’s new goal for carbon-free power in 2045 after Sen. Kevin De León’s SB 100 is signed into law.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress move to rejuvenate the nation’s senescent nuclear power industry, backing legislation to develop advanced nuclear power reactors.

Heat, fires, and rising waters stemming from global warming begin to drive up energy utility rates in California. Regulators look for ways to determine which utility expenditures are warranted.

The California Public Utilities Commission delays acting on competing proposals to change the way exit fees are levied on community choice aggregation programs amid warnings one of the plans could effectively kill community choice energy.

Even before the governor signs a major wildfire bill into law, ratepayer funded spending on wildfire safety programs is rising. That is despite state lawmakers stated objections to bailing out big utilities, this week’s Juice column finds.

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power highlights programs aimed at cooling neighborhoods to reduce energy use.

—The Editors

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