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20 Sep 2018

Gov. Jerry Brown pens legislation to restore money cut by utility regulators from a closure cost settlement agreement for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo County. He approves another measure to lift the cap on direct access to power by businesses in California.

Brown also signs numerous other energy-related measures, including bills to slash emissions from buildings, transportation, and natural gas use.

The grid operator is busy on its 2018-19 transmission planning process, in which the future of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field and potential closure of gas power plants are expected to weigh heavily.

More than a billion dollars of potential ratepayer-funded energy items loom on the California Public Utilities Commission’s agenda next week. They include costly actions required of Pacific Gas & Electric to facilitate two passenger rail system projects.

Brown’s big climate change festival in San Francisco shows that disinvestment of fossil fuel assets is growing around the globe, as reported in this week’s Juice column. Meanwhile, green bonds are becoming more widely used to finance a transition to a clean economy.

Climate adaptation is increasingly important to West Coast governors after this summer’s spectacular wildfires.

Renewable natural gas is beginning to flow in California, but the hydrogen highway is experiencing a kink in the fuel supply line.

California’s first offshore wind energy project may be built off Eureka after the local community choice program files a lease application.

—The Editors

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