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4 Oct 2018

California’s big three investor-owned energy utilities are hit with credit downgrades. Their borrowing pains would be a lot higher but for enactment of SB 901.

In spite of all the pro-electric vehicle effort and rhetoric in the state, the California Energy Commission slashes its spending plan for its Alternative & Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Program 40 percent.

The same day as the vote to cut the EV spending plan, a coalition of carmakers, the Air Board and others, launch a public awareness campaign to drive the purchase of electric vehicles.

Trump nominates Bernard McNamee to FERC. Enviros are up in arms because of his presumed coal and nuke bias.

California’s air regulators confront a legal filing claiming its greenhouse gas reduction policies and practices are racially and economically discriminatory.

Pacific Gas & Electric asks the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to raise its transmission rates 9.5 percent above the pending  and controversial 35 percent transmission cost hike its seeks for this year.

Inadequate consumer protections in California cause many customers who’ve borrowed money to install solar systems to reap no power bill savings or higher bills, JUICE reveals.

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