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11 Oct 2018

Utility regulators whack community choice programs with higher costs in a long-awaited and controversial decision on the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment. The PCIA requires choice program customers to pay exit fees to utilities for power contracts said to be entered on their behalf.

Regulators give the green light to seven new utility energy storage projects, plus allow gas utilities to recover the cost of controlling methane leaks from their ratepayers. The money to stop methane leaks is said to be a first in the nation.

Blackstart capabilities–repowering the grid after a blackout–are a growing concern for U.S. Senators amid hurricanes, fires, floods, and cyber threats.

All electric homes go up for sale in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s territory with the help of some green money from the muni.

Yet another fire is said to be caused by Pacific Gas & Electric lines, though CalFire finds no wrongdoing.

House race outcomes in Southern California could sway the energy debate in Washington, with Democrats poised to unseat some long-time Republican representatives. Meanwhile, California’s gubernatorial hopefuls disagree on energy matters in what may be their only debate.

Jerry Brown, California’s iconoclastic two-time governor, is near retiring and is remembered for his role on global warming, both good and bad, in this week’s Juice column.

A national association of state utility regulators calls on the federal government to waive the 1978 Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act in states with competitive power procurement systems open to all technologies.

—The Editors

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