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1 Nov 2018

California appears to have no problem meeting the state’s 33 percent renewable portfolio standard, finds the California Public Utilities Commission. But, regulators warn that community choice aggregators and direct access providers need to up their renewable procurement.

While the utilities have lined up more storage than needed in 2020, only a fourth of that energy storage is online.

Southern California Edison admits its electrical equipment likely was involved in igniting last year’s huge Thomas Fire.

Higher exit fees imposed on community aggregators won’t halt community choice aggregation in San Diego.

The CPUC is dealing with a complex and fast changing market. But, equating today’s customer choice providers with yesterday’s merchant generators is beyond the pale, JUICE opines.

Storing excess power in electric vehicles and sending it back into the wires could provide benefits of up to $1,000 per vehicle each year.

The Western Energy Imbalance Market saves electricity consumers $100 million during the third quarter of 2018.

Gov. Jerry Brown and other state political leaders warn that the Trump Administration’s attack on innovative vehicle technology harms the health of millions and will cost drivers billions of dollars.

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