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10 Jan 2019

State energy regulators unanimously move to begin developing a framework for determining how much of private utilities’ fire liability costs should be paid by ratepayers. The vote comes amidst ongoing protests by those outraged by the death and destruction caused by wildfires both sparked and possibly sparked by Pacific Gas & Electric.

The California Public Utilities Commission also okays a $52 million contract renewal with a private firm that handles the marketing for Energy Upgrade California.

In other news, the CPUC opens a new rulemaking to reduce human sabotage of utility equipment.

Flaws in the current de-energization process are the topic du jour at a CPUC workshop.

Public purposes funds for energy, climate and telecommunication are getting squeezed by new developments, including technological changes. This week’s Juice column insists that lawmakers and energy regulators need to start addressing how to fill in the funding gaps.

Total electricity sales in California are forecast to rise a wee bit, to less than 290,000 GWh in 11 years, according to the Energy Commission

Just how PG&E responds to the huge wildfire tab it’s expected to face is anyone’s guess. In addition to a possible bankruptcy, PG&E could spin off its natural gas system.

Southern California’s soon to launch community choice program is expected to sign 2 million MWh/year worth of power deals.

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