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7 Feb 2019

Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric propose strengthening their wildfire risk reduction programs.  SDG&E’s plan is not as dense as the other two mitigation blueprints because it put in place many safety measures after devastating wildfires more than a decade ago.

Bankrupt PG&E’s plan stands out. That includes because it warns that the federal bankruptcy court could throw a wrench into the scheme of financing its wildfire plan.

Earlier, the federal bankruptcy court gives PG&E the green light to access $1.5 billion of $5.5 billion in financing.

The House Commerce & Energy Committee’s first climate change hearing in six years focuses on environmental, economic and social justice gains from thoughtfully updating and building green systems.

The California Energy Commission chair heads out the agency’s door later this month.

PG&E fertilizes state capitol grounds with $10 million in greenbacks.

As regulators grapple with private utility safety options, community choice aggregation programs could be the preferred alternative to transitioning the state toward a safer, cleaner electric energy system, Juice opines.

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