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14 Feb 2019

State utility regulators begin reviewing wildfire risk management plans under which utilities would spend around $3 billion a year and launch new programs that would essentially become permanent.

Pressure mounts on the California Public Utilities Commission to turn Pacific Gas & Electric into a wires only business and let community choice aggregators or other government organizations pick up many of its roles. They would include not only power procurement, but also transportation electrification, energy efficiency, and demand response.

Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom awaits a plan for how the state should deal with PG&E’s bankruptcy.

Cyber security has improved when it comes to the grid, the U.S. Senate learns, but pipelines lag.

Carbon emissions fell a bit nationwide, but are still above their 1990 level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s latest emissions inventory shows.

This week’s Juice column opines that the Green New Deal, while seeking laudable goals, is overly ambitious based on California’s own experience.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti halts the potential repowering of three gas plants along the coast that have served the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power for decades, pointing the muni instead toward greener pastures.

The greater Los Angeles area continues to suffer from reduced natural gas import capacity due to problems with the aging infrastructure of SoCal Gas.

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