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28 Feb 2019

California’s investor-owned utilities, with the exception of Sempra Energy’s utilities, show big losses in 2018 due to billions of dollars of wildfire liabilities.

In the state Assembly, lawmakers introduce an avalanche of bills, including two measures to get utilities to pay for new state-run wildfire insurance funds.

Meanwhile, state Senators introduce a solar rights bill and a bill to give the Legislature the power to decide on any rate increases for Pacific Gas & Electric.

At the California Public Utilities Commission, questions arise concerning the price tag for utility wildfire mitigation plans, with some calling for a reasonableness review before spending under the plans can begin.

In Sacramento, a key state fire official tells lawmakers that utility safety efforts, while good, can’t be expected to end wildfires in California. More important, perhaps, is the need for fire resistant structures to protect life and property.

A state court approves a $119.5 million settlement requiring SoCal Gas to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts of the 2015 methane leak at its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field.

The city of San Diego takes yet another step toward forming a community energy program that would launch in 2021.

This week’s Opinionated column highlights how natural gas use in buildings can be ended.

Amid growing concern about use of natural gas, SoCal Gas outlines a plan to offer its customers renewable natural gas.

—The Editors

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