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7 Mar 2019

House Dems blast the Department of Energy’s foot dragging on efficiency standard implementation while Republicans point elsewhere. Both sides agree, however, that saving energy is a good thing.

State lawmakers, regulators, other power providers and generators agree that ensuring the energy caterpillar becomes a butterfly requires that decarbonization of the energy sector be affordable and reliable.

U.S. Senators sitting on the Energy Committee concur, with the Republican chair seeking to move the body toward affordable and reliable climate solutions in place of gridlock.

Three of the four main independent generators operating in California see big improvements in earnings, but half still face losses.

Bankruptcy law legalizes breaking promises. PG&E power suppliers, bondholders, wildfire victims and others are in for a wild ride.

Some state Democratic lawmakers pitch a resolution directing $100 billion towards the reduction of greenhouse gases in the electricity, transportation, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Hedge Fund Blue Mountain is pushing its slate of directors to replace PG&E’s current 13. Blue Mountain’s candidates include CA’s former state treasurer and five other Californians, including former energy business  execs.

This week’s guest column focuses on gadgets showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. Why? Because these devices use electricity,  they’re connected and can be better managed.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors moves to restrict utility-scale renewable energy projects on a huge swath of desert land.

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