The Buzz

28 Mar 2019

The California Independent System Operator adopts changes to its backstop procurement programs to address concerns they unnecessarily drive up costs. CAISO also adopts a new transmission plan, which shows only Pacific Gas & Electric needs to build new projects at a cost of up to $644 million to maintain reliability and control costs.

Gov. Gavin Newsom blasts PG&E’s proposed slate of new board members. Meanwhile, the utility aims to get the bankruptcy court to approve $235 million in bonuses for its employees.

As the state closes in on dramatically cutting reliance on natural gas in buildings and power plants, the gas industry vows a noisy fight in the court of public opinion.

At the state Capitol, lawmakers in a key committee approve a bill that could lead to creating a central resource adequacy procurement mechanism, though the bill has little detail.

Climate change has suddenly focused discussion on decentralizing the power business this week’s Juice column finds.

The California Energy Commission begins developing a funding strategy to advance technologies that can enhance demand side management of energy use.

As wildfire season approaches, the governor declares an emergency to waive environmental review and speed removal of dead trees and brush in strategic locations.

The California Public Utilities Commission holds up the sale of a hydropower dam by PG&E, saying it needs further scrutiny.

—The Editors

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