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4 Apr 2019

Bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric announces a new slate of directors. The Tennessee Valley Authority’s former chief is named the new CEO, with final voting to take place at the end of May.

California energy and waste regulators start to grapple with surging quantities of aging solar panels and batteries. Steps needed to avert a toxic tide include creating in-state disposal and reuse sites.

In this week’s guest column, Lorenzo Kristov, former CAISO market design principal, lays out a path for creating a deep green distribution system. He points out that a cleaner and greener decentralized system does not preclude grid regionalization.

Assembly bills setting deenergization rules and requiring utilities to only use shareholder money to impact workers’ union activities are passed by the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee.

The other side of the Capitol approves Senate measures to bolster energy efficiency and expand the kinds of trees that can be burned in biomass plants.

House Democrats tout the green practices and policies of many states, contrasting then with the Trump Administration’s brown ones.  And, the House Energy & Commerce Committee passes a resolution to revive the U.S. greenhouse gas reduction commitment under the Paris Climate Accord.

The CPUC dismantles its Policy & Planning Division. The staff is moved to the commission’s industry divisions, generating few waves.

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