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11 Apr 2019

Southern California Edison asks the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a 28 percent boost in its revenue requirement for transmission assets, saying that wildfire-related expenses justify the increase.

In Sacramento, a bill to set up a centralized backstop power purchaser clears a committee, but lawmakers have reservations about changing the existing order.

Another bill to boost distributed energy resources gains ground, although only after publicly owned utilities are exempted. Other measures moving ahead aim to put more information on the table about the cost of energy in California, including the reasons behind recent natural gas price volatility.

Pacific Gas & Electric seats a new slate of directors and chief executive as its bankruptcy proceeding drags on.

This week’s Opinionated column further details how operation of the grid could be restructured to boost the importance of distributed resources and local resilience.

Public and safety advocates raise red flags about the effectiveness and cost of utility wildfire safety plans as they’re weighed by the California Public Utilities Commission.

As state officials develop a pathway for decarbonizing buildings, California gas utilities say they can deliver renewable natural gas and hydrogen in their existing pipelines. But, the momentum appears to be towards an all-electric future.

Electric cars continue to gain ground in California, the latest automotive sales data show.

In the nation’s capitol, lawmakers offer bills to spur energy efficiency and discuss global warming in earnest.

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