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16 May 2019

It is better late than never for Southern California Edison, which finally gets its 2018-2020 rate case approved. State energy regulators okay a revenue requirement for 2018 of nearly $5.2 billion. Over the three-year period, Edison will reap a 4 percent increase, not counting recovery of its wildfire safety costs.

Utility regulators this week also refine standards for injecting biomethane into natural gas pipelines and approve several biomethane contracts for SoCal Gas.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is bullish on energy storage. It won’t let states opt out of its order requiring that they feed energy storage resources into wholesale markets.

The federal regulators also note California’s high levels of hydro, which makes for reliable summer supplies. But, it doesn’t do much to lower the price of Southern California natural gas supplies.

Earlier, the CA grid operator announces that yes, lots of snow in California means lots of hydropower and reliability.

Pacific Gas & Electric is formally found responsible for sparking the hugely devastating Camp Fire.  The news is quietly released while PG&E’s new chief is being asked by a Senate committee why he’s taken such a thankless, although very well paying, job.

In this week’s guest column, Steven Kelly struggles to grasp the value added of a proposed central procurement entity to handle resource adequacy, a job already being done by the state grid operator.

The State Water Board’s latest proposed annual fees to mitigate the harm caused by power plants that use millions of gallons of seawater for cooling adds up to nearly $5 billion.

During a sparsely attended hearing by the State Utilities, Energy & Communications Committee panel, challenges facing the young safety advocacy office at the CPUC are highlighted, included a shortage of resources.

San Francisco is moving to take over PG&E’s assets in the city. This multi-billion dollar bid may stabilize costs and reliability and make San Francisco’s grid greener and safer.

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