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6 Jun 2019

As lawmakers contemplate a legislative course to deal with the mounting financial implications of wildfires, it’s increasingly evident that utility ratepayers will have to shoulder billions of dollars of costs.

Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders appear to rule out eliminating strict liability for utilities that spark wildfires, at least for now.

California’s developing all-electric building strategy could double natural gas bills for those who don’t replace their gas burning appliances, finds a new California Energy Commission study.

The western U.S. has a new power reliability coordinator, namely the California Independent System Operator. Operations are to begin July 1.

While Democratic Presidential hopefuls vary on their energy platforms, this week’s Juice column finds that even the most establishmentarian figure, Joe Biden, understands the scope and scale of Earth’s accelerated warming.

Could Republicans and Democrats in Congress actually agree on something? It appears so. Senators in each party sing energy storage’s praises.

Speaking of storage, East Bay Community Energy enters a deal for a storage system that will allow an oil-fired power plant in Oakland to close down.

—The Editors

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