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11 Jul 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom successfully gets the Legislature to pass utility wildfire liability legislation, though lawmakers express reservations that it will do little more than buy time for yet unknown solutions.

This week’s Juice column opines that distributed energy may be needed to end utility-sparked wildfires, at least in fire prone areas of the state.

Inaction on processing intervenor compensation claims at the California Public Utilities Commission is threatening to drive the state’s premier ratepayer advocacy group into insolvency.

With natural gas supplies remaining crimped in the Los Angeles area, the CPUC orders SoCal Gas to renew an energy conservation advertising campaign again this summer.

Community choice aggregators successfully fend off legislation aimed at creating a centralized backstop power procurement office in California, saying it would tread on local authority.

A legislative resolution directs the CPUC to fight on behalf of state wildfire victims, ratepayers, and policies in the Pacific Gas & Electric bankruptcy proceeding.

California’s governor joins with 23 other state executives to press the case for a strong national clean car standard.

A federal judge tells PG&E to explain why it awarded $5 billion of shareholder dividends before filing for bankruptcy.

—The Editors

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