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29 Aug 2019

A newly amended bill that would make PG&E greener financially at ratepayers’ expense is floated. But, it may be headed for a crash landing.

Another legislative action, one seeking a Constitutional Amendment, would make nuclear energy eligible for green status under California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. The proposal seeks to bolster the financial prospects of the state’s sole nuke. It too faces less than rosy prospects.

Federal lawmakers take aim at President Trump’s predictable move to defang rules controlling methane leaks from the oil and gas industries. The effort likely will face legal and legislative challenges.

Expect a sustainable renewable hydrogen highway in California within a decade, the California Energy Commission is told.

Protecting vulnerable communities and ensuring they reap gains from funded programs to decarbonize California buildings and the economy is center stage this week at the CEC and California Public Utilities Commission. That means recognizing poor households’ inability to electrify their homes.

The CPUC also weighs adding an “ability to pay” metric when evaluating the impact of rate hikes on the poor.

There’s also growing momentum to use only a decarbonization metric to achieve carbon reductions and energy savings in an equitable and cost-effective manner.

A digital tool is launched that compares the levelized cost of the different electricity resources.

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