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5 Sep 2019

California’s energy agencies begin developing a plan to achieve the monumental task of 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

Southern California Edison files a massive rate hike request with the California Public Utilities Commission, aiming to boost its revenue by 32 percent.

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power faces a showdown with its union over a plan to close down gas-fired power plants and replace them in part with a large solar power plant coupled with battery storage.

In the nation’s capital, the Trump Administration seeks to pull the plug on LED lighting in favor of going back to incandescent bulbs in a move that’s certain to fire up the President’s base, but also certain to bring legal challenges.

It’s hot, but the end of summer is nearing and so far without significant incident in Southern California, as feared by energy officials last spring.

San Luis Obispo joins the growing building decarbonization movement. Its elected leaders approve an innovative ordinance governing new buildings.

A carbon tax could accomplish a lot toward stabilizing the climate, says a new report from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The state’s first community choice aggregator, Marin Clean Energy, gets its second credit rating, this time from Fitch. While it’s not top notch, it does meet investment-grade criteria. The community energy program also sees the 12th solar project open under its innovative feed-in tariff program.

Two more balancing authorities elect to join the growing ranks of the grid operator’s energy imbalance market.

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