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13 Sep 2019

The California Public Utilities Commission votes to increase PG&E’s gas transmission and storage revenue this year to $1.3 billion, with even bigger raises the next couple of years.

State energy regulators direct $100 million in unspent clean energy incentives to low-income ratepayers and critical services providers for energy storage installations in areas with high wildfire risks.

The California Energy Commission is moving to require publicly owned utilities to have renewable energy supplies under 10 year contracts or longer.

The Energy Commission also backs spending $95 million on alternative-fuel stations to get closer to the state goal of 5 million non-combustion vehicles on the roads by 2030.

San Francisco tries to tempt PG&E to sell its city assets with a $2.5 billion offer.

Then, PG&E pitches an $18 billion plan to allow it to pay off wildfire victims and leave the bankruptcy court on its terms.

On the second try, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power approves a 375 MW solar-battery deal in Kern County.

Trump puts more energy into thwarting California’s less polluting tailpipe emissions rules, including launching an anti-competitive investigation of the automakers that reached a deal with the state.

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