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26 Sep 2019

So. Cal Gas and SDG&E get whopping increases in their 2019-21 general rate cases. State energy regulators say the hefty revenue hikes are needed to fully fund the gas and electric companies’ safety programs.

It is a long shot but bondholders try again to inject their plan for paying off PG&E’s massive debts at the U.S. bankruptcy court.

Earlier this week, bankrupt PG&E revises its reorganization plan to incorporate an $11B settlement with the vast majority of insurance companies. The company also announces it has $14B in equity commitments.

The U.S. Senate Energy Committee sends to the full Senate bills advancing energy storage and efficiency, and a less polluting industrial sector.

Getting a reliable clean grid requires the use of power prices synchronized with system operations.  This consultant also tells the Energy Commission that an adjustment to the demand thinking cap is required too.

The emerging Clean Power Alliance in Southern California is on a wild rates roller coast ride. This week’s column highlights the risks of community aggregation closely tying its rates to the private utility it is replacing.

Gov. Newsom directs the power of the massive state pension purse be used to bolster climate protection.

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