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31 Oct 2019

Renewable hydrogen made from water and methane captured from organic waste will be needed to decarbonize the state’s economy. But, that won’t happen without significant policy changes, say proponents.

The price and use of natural gas are projected to fall in the decade or so ahead, according to a new analysis by the California Energy Commission this week.

The still smoldering Getty Fire, which destroyed pricey homes in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles and forced thousands to evacuate, stems from a tree branch hitting a Los Angeles Department of Water & Power electrical line. City officials call it an accident.

Fires and power shutoffs highlight the need for transforming the grid to rely more on distributed generation and energy efficiency that can only be financed through a Green New Deal, this week’s Juice column concludes.

Southern California Edison is trying to get its ratepayers to cover more than $500 million in unplanned costs for the utility’s latest wildfire insurance policy.

Meanwhile, Edison finds itself in the hot seat after the mayor of California’s windiest city, Fontana, criticizes repeated public power safety shutoffs.

As the flames continue to lash communities throughout California, Gov. Gavin Newsom doubles down on his call for PG&E to refund customers the utility cut power to under its public safety power shutoff program.

Utilities file reports raising concern that they may be the source of many of the most destructive fires seen in California this month, despite widespread preventative power shutoffs.

—William J. Kelly

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