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14 Nov 2019

Electrifying homes and buildings could create more than 100,000 new construction and manufacturing jobs in California, concludes a UCLA center report.

The California Energy Commission this week uses a backstop move to prevent incandescent general light bulbs from being sold in the state after the Trump Administration rolls back federal lighting efficiency standards.

Without admitting culpability, Southern California Edison settles with public agencies to cover their expenses from wildfires and resulting mudslides that utility power lines may have triggered.

In a warming world, it’s time to update the U.S. Department of Energy’s mission and programs, a new report claims, as Congress considers modifications.

Utility regulators this week hold a special meeting to formally launch their investigation of the massive public safety power shutoffs that left millions of residents in the dark this fall and politicians in Sacramento reeling.

Marin County has more electric vehicle charging stations than gas stations, Marin Clean Energy boasts in its latest climate action update.

A member of the grid operator’s board voices doubt that turning PG&E into an electric coop or publicly owned utility will improve the safety of its operations. He instead lays at least some of the blame for the San Francisco company’s shoddy record at the feet of the state for not giving the California Public Utilities Commission enough staff and money to effectively regulate monopoly utilities.

Generators are in the money, according to their third quarter earnings reports.

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